At Yodelay Construction, we embarked on an exciting project to enhance a charming ranch-style home in Kewanee, IL, by constructing a brand-new rear wooden porch complete with a stylish staircase. Our skilled team meticulously planned and executed this transformation to provide the homeowners with a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

The project began with careful consideration of the ranch home’s design, ensuring that the new porch seamlessly blended with the existing architecture. We selected high-quality wood materials that not only complemented the home’s aesthetics but also guaranteed long-term durability. Our skilled craftsmen worked diligently to construct the porch and staircase, paying close attention to every detail, from the handrails to the finishing touches.

The result is a charming and comfortable rear porch that not only enhances the ranch home’s curb appeal but also offers the homeowners a relaxing outdoor oasis. Our dedication to precision and quality shines through in this project, providing the family with a perfect space to enjoy the beauty of their Kewanee surroundings.


Project Type Rear Porch/Staircase
Location Kewanee, IL
Completion Date May 2020
Contract Value $2.5k


  • Name: Shannon L
  • Project Address: Kewanee, IL

We were privileged to transform the rear exterior of a picturesque ranch-style residence in scenic Kewanee, IL, by constructing a brand-new wooden porch with a staircase. This project highlights our commitment to creating functional and visually appealing outdoor spaces that seamlessly integrate with the classic charm and architectural character of ranch homes.

  • Design & Planning
  • Material Selection
  • Construction and Assembly
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